THROUGH THE KĀLI EROS \ immersive performance in installation

Against a hypnotic score drawn from Hindustani classical music layered with tones of prolonged echoed narrations in gibberish and live instrumental music, the work interlaces a myriad of haunting gestures and fluctuating movements as acts, interspersed with a film projected on suspended muslin drawing. These performance acts, fragmented in nature, unfold on cracked mud/dirt ground within Knockdown Centers large industrial space for a public showcase.


Reflecting on a chapter in the 12th century Sanskrit tome Manasollasà that addresses the nature of dance, the work attends to realities of the post-colonial world through a relationship between abstraction and representation.

Kuldeep Singh on concept, installation design and movement

Cole Highnam on movement

Jeffrey Grunthaner on electric guitar drone

Harsh Shah on sitar

This project was performed at Knockdown Center , Brooklyn, NY.

With additional support from Residency Unlimited, NY.

image courtesy - Zhiyuan Yang