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ARCHITECTONICS OF DISPERSION \ immersive acts and objects

A diorama-like installation houses objects in textiles, fragile drawings in assorted proportions, shelves of glazed vegetables against mud washed walls – as an invented mythic realm, where Kuldeep carefully directed, and performed along with a team of collaborating artists setting sensuous and discomforting acts interlaced with instrumental music of sitar and violin. 

Poised and immersed, these acts extracted eclectic components in transliteration from selected chapters of Natyashastra (2nd century AD dramaturgical Sanskrit treatise) in undulating emotions, gestures and touch, along with vocals in various inventive situations – with hypnosis of primitivism, decor and a sense of languor. 


Suggestive delight, whisper, wonder and care set the emotive tones, practiced through structured improvisation. In an overall, the acts conjunct sublimity to a tone of sensuality. This project was set into two acts of about 20 minutes each. Together they constitute a system that questions human nature, its genesis and defects, and as well as the multiplicity of its facets.

At Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY

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