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I directed this piece through a reading from Dr. Stella Kramrisch's book THE HINDU TEMPLE, published by University of Calcutta-1946. Where the opening chapter of the book introduces a very specific nature on landscape and a spatial ideology required for a site of temple construction. Banking upon this idea, an exploration went on to construct temporal sculptural devices, through footwork in Odissi and Tap dance, as an initial architectonic. Developing further with a ballet dancer, the whole piece was developed, seeking a commonality between these different dance styles in terms of form, shape, movement and time measure that metaphorically related to the concepts of the chapter. Organic and measured design arrangements through structural improvisation were interspersed throughout this piece as a kinetic scheme, thus cultivating a scape.

Date: April 21, 2015  at  Englert Theater, Iowa City.
Total duration: 14+ minutes.


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