2012-2015     MFA in Intermedia, University of Iowa, USA [Full Scholarship]

2005-2012     Indian classical dance of Odissi, with critically acclaimed choreographer Madhavi Mudgal, New Delhi

2003-2007     BFA in Applied Design, College of Art, Delhi University



2018   Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn

2018   HH Arts Spaces, Goa, India

2016   Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, NE

2015   OMI International, NY

2015   Yaddo Residency, NY

2014   Skowhegan school of painting and sculpture, ME  [Full Scholarship]

2011   Tellus Art, Stockholm, Sweden 

2010   Bishkek Art Centre, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan



2018   New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Award (interdisciplinary artist category), NYC

2018   Inlaks Foundation Award, for HH Arts Spaces Residency, Mumbai

2015   Dedalus Foundation Fellowship, NYC  [Finalist]

2014   Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, ME

2014   Mildred Pelzer Fellowship, IA

2009   National -  Freedom of Expression Award, Infinity Films, Mumbai

2009   Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi

2004   Swapan Biswas Award, Delhi University, New Delhi



2020   Miracle Marks - presentation with performance with Purvi Shah's book reading, Rutgers University, New Jersey

2020   American Dream Redux - panel presentation, Asian American Arts Alliance, NYC

2019   Odissi Odyssey - lecture and dance performance at International Education Week, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

2018   Invited lecture on changing aesthetics in Sikhism in England and US, Mercy College, Bronx Campus

2018   Presentation at Architecture+Design Adda, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi 

2017   Aesthetics of surface design in Indian textiles, of last 300 years, Hunter College, NYC (Department of Theater)

2016   Lecture Demonstration for Kronos Collection of Indian Miniatures, Metropolitan Museum, NYC. 

           (In collaboration with Rajika Puri)

2016   Visiting artist’s lecture, University of Nebraska, Omaha

2015   Movement and Mediation, Queens Museum, NYC

2015   The Idea of Land and Landscape in Odissi, Yaddo, NY

2014   Sari Convention - Inter-relativity in India music and textiles, South Asian Studies Program, University of Iowa, USA

2013   Sensual and the Spiritual - lecture with dance on 13th c. Sanskrit Love Poetry, University of Iowa, USA

2013   Lecture demonstration in Odissi, Spic Macay India chapter at University College London, United Kingdom 



2020 - DARSHAN performance project, Sydney/Perth/ Melbourne, Australia (upcoming) 

2019 - SO MANY JOURNEYS, Englert Theater, Iowa City (solo)*

2019 - THROUGH THE KĀLI-EROS, Knockdown Center, Brooklyn, NYC 

2018 - THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES, Performance project for The Progressives show, Asia Society Museum, NYC


2018 - GARDEN OF SKIN, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London 

2018 - PERFORMANCE MIX FESTIVAL:32 for New Dance Alliance, University Settlement - Lower Manhattan, NYC

2018 - RE: ART SHOW 21, Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, NYC 

2018 - LOVE 2018 - PURPLE HEARTS, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, NYC

2017 - ARCHITECTONICS OF DISPERSION-immersive acts and objects, Ortega y Gasset Projects, NYC (solo)*

2017 - FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH, Theater Y at 14th street, NYC 

2016 - PADMA-STHANA, Panoply Laboratory, NYC  

2016 - PRINCE OF DANCE, Drive East Festival, La Mama Theatre, NYC

2016 - NOLI ME TANGERE II, Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival, Chicago

2016 - EXPLORING MANSOLLASA, Performance, Queens Museum, NYC

2015 - STATIC IN MOVEMENT, Installation, Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh, India

2015 - STRUCTURE IS WHAT I SPEAK Of, Installation Gallery, University of Iowa (solo)*

2015 - NAAPAN II, Kolkata International Performance Art festival III, Calcutta, India

2014 - NOLI ME TANGERE, Collaboration with Heidi Wiren Bartlett, Levitt Gallery, Iowa City (solo)*

2014 - SPEAK PARROT SPEAK at I TALK THE ZIGGURAT, Englert Theatre, Iowa City

2014 - SKOWHEGAN PERFORMS, Socrates Sculpture Park, NYC

2014 - +THOUSAND EYES, Collaborative Performance. Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (solo)*

2014 - TINYSOME - and my translation, Skowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting

2014 - CONIC at TINY TEN, Englert Theatre, Iowa City

2014 - OF MOONS & TORSOS, drawing based performance, Gallery Porch, Iowa City, IA (solo)*

2014 - SANKEERNA JAGATĪ and NAAPAN, Kolkata International Performance Arts Festival II, Calcutta, India

2013 - CONSTRUCTION OF LOSS, Gallery Exhibit 320, New Delhi

2011 - PREVIEW: KULDEEP SINGH, Gallerie Romain Rolland, Alliance de Francaise, New Delhi (solo)*

2009 - NAVSAR Annual Show, Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi

2009 - Ctr, Alt+Dlt, Gallery Stainless Steel, New Delhi



2015  TALK THE TEMPLE, Collaborative Production, Englert Theatre, Iowa City

2014  I TALK THE ZIGGURAT, Englert Theatre, Iowa City

2014  AND THOUSAND EYES, Collaborative Performance. Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, ME

2014  TINYSOME, Performance Project. Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

2011  THE STORY COMPOUNDERS, Visual Art Show. L'institut supérieur des arts appliqués, New Delhi 



2012-2015   Elements of Art and Design | Drawing , Instructor of record, University of Iowa, IA 

2009-2012   Lecturer for Indian Aesthetics, College of Art, Delhi University, New Delhi

2011-2012   Visiting lecturer for drawing, L'institut supérieur des arts appliqués, New Delhi

2010-2012   Visiting lecturer for applied arts, IILM School of Design, Gurgaon 



2018   Documentary film design, and archives design for Ruchira Gupta, Apne Aap International, NYC

2017   Yearbook design, Downtown Manhattan Community Television, Manhattan. NYC

2016   Research/technical assistant to artist Christopher Myer, NYC

2011   Cultural Expertise to University of Iowa (Studio Arts Program), for Arts and Architectural program in South India

2009   THE DREAM MUSUEM PROJECT, Researcher for DEVI ART FOUNDATION in collaboration with 

           ASIA ART ARCHIVES-Hong Kong, New Delhi

2008   Assistant to Eminent Art Historian Benoy K. Behl, New Delhi

2007   Assistant, Vinita Chand Design Associates, New Delhi