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POOP OF THE GOD (trailer)                 2018

Through selected chapters of Indian dramaturgical Sanskrit tome - Natyashatra (2nd c. AD), Kuldeep provided direction

in improvised choreography to Hamza - the actor in this short film. And weave an invented character, in a painted diorama like environment. Overlapping Icarus from Geek mythology, Indra the deity of rain and thunder from Indian mythology and charged with a state of enigma and ever finding equipoise - the character appears in a constant state of flux and confusion. And only after defecating, appears to come to rest. 

Kuldeep uses his compound background as a visual artist and an intensively trained Indian classical dancer of Odissi, to provide concept and image design, along with setting the score - all single-handedly. In brief: the work situates itself in the realm of identity politics and arches to a social anthropological model.

Actor - Hamza S. Haqqi

Painted set design - Kuldeep Singh and Esau Betancourt

Concept, Camera, editing and sound design - Kuldeep Singh

Shot at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha (NE)

Chakrà (isochornism)                 2019

This trailer of a short film sources out its visual content from the ruins of a late 17th century fortress in Punjab, near Chandigarh. As well as a cluster of medieval stone temples, called BAATHU KI LADI in Kangra valley that are now submerged in a reservoir for the Bhakra dam. The temples remain underwater for 8-9 months and reappear only when the water levels reduces. A hypnotic sound score layers a sense of mystery to this oscillation - a cycle of creation and destruction at human scale.

Concept, camera, editing and sound design - Kuldeep Singh

With assistance and support of - Manjot Kaur

Shot at Mohali (Chandigarh) and Himachal Pradesh, India

Interview series (excerpt)               2018

This was an interview based project with

Zillah Eisenstein.




Camera, editing and sound design - Kuldeep Singh

Key Focus - Text on Screen and Sound mixing

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